Hamas – a creation of Israel?



It was created when the PLO was gaining ground in the diplomatic process and Israel had to start making concessions. The creation of Hamas also coincided with the time they started preparing for the September 11 attacks*, looking ahead at the time when there was a war on “terror”. It was timely therefore that militant Hamas appeared on the scene, seemingly intent on taking a newly aggressive stance against Israel. It’s also surprising that Mossad agents’ “assassination attempt” on Khalid Mashal “failed” when their alleged poisoning of Yasser Arafat was so successful. The theatrical nature of Khaled Mashal’s “poisoning” and the way the offenders were caught on the spot smells of a set up. The purpose was to confer legitimacy to Mashal as an anti-Israel fighter and give him the cache of being so troublesome to the Israelis that they went to all the trouble of poisoning him.

And the rest is history. Palestinians went back to being “terrorists” and Israel had a reason now to refuse to negotiate with these people, and the peace process went backwards, losing all the gains the PLO had made.

Now the leadership of Palestine is in trouble. There is no way that Israel will agree to a one-state solution, with Palestinians having an equal vote. They don’t want an apartheid system either but they say they would agree to that, merely giving lip service, so that they wouldn’t look like they were stymieing the peace process.

There is no reason for them to reject a one-state, one-vote for everyone system, since Israel claims to be a democratic nation and a non-racist one.

Saying that “They’ll outbreed us” is not a valid reason. In a democratic system, everyone has an equal vote, regardless of the rates of multiplication of any group within society. There is no such thing as everyone in a certain group getting one vote, but everyone in another group not getting that. It’s everyone gets a vote regardless of ethnicity, race or creed in a democratic society or it’s not democracy.

The Israeli state is under pressure. It can no longer put off the one-state solution much longer. Many people these days are talking about Israel being apartheid, even in the UN. This is embarrassing for the US which looks like a hypocrite for supporting an apartheid-approving nation, Israel, while it attacks North Korea as “undemocratic” and exhorts that socialist one-party nation to give the people US-style democracy and “freedom”. North Korea has an election system though it differs in some ways to the US one.

Many US Jews, too, are feeling uncomfortable as many people are asking questions about Israel: why can Israelis insist on an ethnically and religiously pure state and refuse immigrants and refugees on that basis, and even reject giving Palestinians suffrage, while European nations, with a Caucasian majority and Christian identity and culture, have to accept immigrants and refugees from other nations that are not Caucasian and not Christian, and give them full voting rights? It seems to many people that there are double standards for Israel. The fact that many Jews in the US are critical of immigration policies that are closed in the West but rarely address the same issue in Israel smacks of a double standard too.



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