La Nebuleuse: Child abuse networks of the elite

Trump is linked to La Nebuleuse through his close friend and lawyer Roy Cohn who was an actor deeply involved in the child abuse networks of La Nebuleuse, not just in the United States but also in Europe.


“La Nebuleuse”: Deep State’s child abuse networks

This is deep state’s network. It is tied to:

– child abuse network
– drug trafficking
– banking fraud
– illegal arms trading

The functions of these networks are to:-

– blackmail high-target individuals
– make money for the Deep State
– launder money for the Deep State

Groups involved:

– Russian Jewish mafia (Felix Przedborski, Boris Berezovsky)
– Mossad
– Medellin Cartel
– Cali Cartel
– Contra (of Iran-Contra fame)
– Vatican – some individuals (tied through BCCI)
– Le Cercle: anti-communist discussion group that consisted of intelligence agencies operatives (part of the Vatican-Paneuropa network)

Nebula leader is Felix Przedborski – Russian Jew.

Other members of the Jewish mafia in Russia
– Oligarch Boris Berezovsky
– Badri Patarkatsishvili
[- George Friedman (of Alfa Bank of Russia)]

Other operatives

Mossad Colonel Yair Klein. He 1) protected Przedborski 2) trained Medellin Cartel, Cali Cartel and Contra forces (of Iran-Contra affair)
How much power does this group wield?

Jean Violet

Responsible for Belgian activities of Le Cercle.
organized the Academie Europeene de Sciences Politiques in Brussels.
Paul Vanden Boeynants maybe and Baron de Bonvoisin definitely were members of the Academy.
Both Boeynants and de Bonvoisin have been accused of sadistic child abuse.

Jean Violet
– member of Cercle des Nations
– founder of Pinay Cercle
– lawyer
– member of the French Secret Services
– connected to the Vatican through its secret services
– close to the P2 Lodge
– connected to SAC (Service d’Action Civique – a subversive group)
– connected to Bougerol and de Bonvoison and Boeynants who are said to be senior members who oversee the running of Belgium’s fascist underground

Cercle des Nations
– royalist
– anti-communist
– pro-NATO
– pro-European integration
– highly fascist

Other members:
– Paul Vankerkhoven
– Jean-Paul Dumont
– Count Herve d’Ursel
– Roger Boas
– Charly De Pauw
– Guy Mathot
– Ado Blaton
– General Rene Bats
– Philippe Cryns
– de Merode family

Many of them have been accused of child abuse; many belong to Opus Dei

European Institute of Management is tied to child abuse.
It has ties to:
– Wackenhut
– Defense Intelligence Agency
– “Moonie cult” (Unification Church) (nominally a right wing organization; however, the head of the cult Reverend Sun Myung Moon received honors from the North Korean government after he died for charitable works conducted in North Korea)
Owner of EIM was a member of Prince Bernhard’s 1001 Club

Baron de Bonvoisin was accused by two witnesses in the X-Dossiers: X1 and X2.

His name comes up in three out of four summaries of witness testimonies of child abuse.


Beyond the Dutroux Affair: The Reality of Protected Child Abuse Network


Warning: This site contains disturbing pictures of child abuse.

The following is adapted from the information found at this link.


The Dutroux case opened with the discovery of the two girls in the cellar-den of the old run-down cottage where Dutroux hid his underage victims. However, beyond this case lies an even murkier story. This story is one of child abuse networks that has been protected and covered up. The Marc Dutroux case is only the tip of the iceberg.

As the author of the ISGP (Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics) website investigates, including reviewing court documents that came out in the Dutroux trial and related trials, details have emerged of an extensive network of child abuse. This network has many operators, many more than the official investigation and trial seemed to show.

The identities of the clients who abused the children in the network are also covered up, and investigations not pursued. Leads such as the testimony of X1 (Regina Louf), one of the alleged child victims of this network, and consequently, an eyewitness of the goings-on in the network, are left to languish, despite the fact that many of the statements she makes matches with the known facts.

Regina Louf even astonishingly was a witness to murder of another child victim of the network, according to her testimony. However, this case was not pursued despite the wealth of evidence supporting Louf’s testimony.

The reasons given by the prosecutors for not investigating some of the events described in Louf’s and other people’s testimonies are not plausible or logical.

And so the people behind the networks are left unpunished and the networks allowed to continue.

Worldwide network of countries involved

European countries that are involved in the network include France and the Netherlands. There are so many cases in these two countries that they are treated separately in the website. The U.S. also has networks operating. One of the more famous ones in America is the Franklin case. Britain and Australia also have cases. The Vatican is named frequently in connection to these networks as well.

Cover-up and suppression

In many of the cases there has been cover-up and suppression. For example, Special Branch in Britain has been gagging many people from talking to the media, or in the case of journalists, reporting on cases. Evidence has been destroyed, particularly when the cases include members of the British Parliament.

Superclass is behind the network

This pattern of activity suggests that a “superclass”, as the owner of ISGP labels them, is at the top of the nexus. They are the ones who are behind the more public operators of this network or frontmen.

Pizzagate is fake and was made just for the 2016 US presidential elections

It is also looking extremely likely that the entire Pizzagate Affair was manufactured, perhaps to distract voters in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections away from looking at the real child abuse networks that have been operating for at least half a century, and focus on a fake network.

Former CIA director discourages a senator from investigating the Franklin child abuse affair

A former CIA director gives advice to his friend, Senator John DeCamp, not to continue investigating the Franklin child abuse affair, and instead write a book about his experiences investigating the affair, a much less politically explosive course of action.

“What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.”

Senator John DeCamp did end up writing a book on his experiences of investigating it. The book is “The Franklin Coverup”.

Source of information about the child abuse networks

The author of the ISGP website says he first got the bulk of the information from a book on the Dutroux affair called “The X-Dossiers” (by Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, Annemie Bulté and Douglas De Coninck, 1999). The name of the book comes from the files that were made from the official investigation of the Dutroux case. The witnesses were called “X-witnesses”. The book presented a convincing case of a massive cover-up in the affair. The authors were not able to publish the names of the people accused of abusing children because of the risk of being sued.

The dossiers were leaked

However, after the testimonies of the witnesses in the Dutroux case were leaked to the press in the late 1990s, this allowed the author of the website to deduce the names of the alleged abusers by comparing the book “X-Dossiers” and other books written on the affair and the leaked files.

It emerges from examining this whole affair that the power of the cabal that is behind these networks is so great that it is even able to select the people who will lead the investigations into their criminal networks.

Why are mere suspects named in the website? 

The author of the website justifies naming the suspects of child abuse by saying that the way the investigations were carried out were unethical, and designed to protect the probably guilty. For example, witnesses were harassed and persecuted by the media and the judiciary. Researchers were also targeted.

Child abuse photos in the dossier

Warning: The pictures of child abuse are extremely disturbing.

Image: (Click on the link to view picture; scroll down)

Caption for the image:

Regina Louf (X1) described how she and others were sometimes raped by German shepherds or even how snakes were inserted into the vaginas of the girls. It sounds bizarre, but take a look at the pictures above. These have been confiscated from a child abuse network and appeared in the Dutroux dossier, DVD 3, 47073774-1 to 4.pdf. There are hundreds of children on these (low quality) pictures, making you wonder where all of them are today and how they are doing (or if they’re alive in the first place). Judging from these pictures (and there are many more), sex with dogs and other animals is very common in child abuse networks. ISGP Studies: Belgian X-Dossier

Image: (Click on the link to view picture; scroll down)

Caption for the image:

More confiscated pictures from a child abuse network. These pictures are included here because images combined with text give a much more powerful message than words alone. Seeing pictures of the actual abuse really lets the reality and the depravity of these networks sink in (and we aren’t even dealing with the worst abuse yet). The pictures are censored so it’s harder to make ridiculous claims that these few low quality photos are of any use to aspiring pedophiles. The mainstream Dutch Zembla documentary also included a few pictures of these abuse networks in their documentary, albeit uncensored (a very small child lying underneath a dog, for example). Not sure if that was such a good idea with all those stick-your-head-in-the-sand moral crusaders out there. The DVDs, the relevant documents and any backups of these pictures have been deleted, shredded and thrown out way before this article was published. Of the many hundreds, all what’s left are these pictures. ISGP Studies: Belgian X-Dossier

Read more: Beyond the Dutroux Affair

Where things began: Dutroux’s reign of terror

The disappearances of six girls

In 1995, two 8-year old girls disappeared in Belgium. Their names were Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo. Two months later, 17 year old An Marchal and the 19 year old Eefje Lambrecks went missing. The next year, 12 year old Sabine Dardenne disappeared. In August, 1996, the 14-year old Laetitia Delhez disappeared. Within the space of two years, six girls had disappeared. A tip-off from a witness who had seen a white van driving around Bertrix, where Laetitia had dispappeared, and on the day of her disappearance led to the arrest of Marc Dutroux, his wife Michele Martin and friend Michel Lelievre by Jean-Marc Connerotte and colleagues who were involved in the investigation. The interrogation led to the finding of Laetitia and Sabine in the basement dungeon of Dutroux’s house. 

Previous failures to catch Dutroux

During the subsequent investigation, information emerged that there had been many failures to catch Dutroux by the police and BOB (Belgian FBI and branch of the gendarmerie), despite the many chances to do so. Most of the failures can be ascribed to BOB officer Rene Michaux. 

Rene Michaux, BOB officer

As head of Operation Othello, a surveillance operation that targeted Dutroux for six months from August 10, 1995 to January 1996, Michaux had plenty of chances to catch Dutroux.

Michaux ignored evidence from:

  •  Claude Thirault, an informant, who told Michaux that Dutroux had told him how to kidnap young girls, and how much money you could get for them.
  • Dutroux’s mother, who had evidence gathered from her son’s neighbors that her son was involved in the kidnappings
  • Christian Dubois, a police officer, who was on the trail of Nihoul’s gang (Nihoul was part of the kidnapping ring)

Other clues Michaux missed:

  • Video cameras that were trained on Dutroux’s home in Marcinelle somehow missed Dutroux bringing victims An and Eefje into this home. The cameras also failed to capture Eefje’s failed escape attempt, in which she climbed out of a window and called for help. (An and Eefje were murdered soon after, in September.)
  • When Michaux searched Dutroux’s home on an unrelated matter, he failed to notice 1) the voices of the girls in the basement 2) the odd shape of the basement, with one wall newer than the others 3) vaginal cream, speculum, chains 4) a videotape with the name of a program on missing children written on the side 5) the evidence on two videos which were taken into custody that showed Dutroux raping a 14-year old girl. The videos were returned to Dutroux’s wife without having been reviewed by anyone on the investigating team apparently.

Because of these failures, Julie and Melissa died, and Dutroux was able to kidnap two more girls Sabine and Laetitia when he got out of jail in March 1996.

Yet another miss of Michaux

Michaux failed to find the two girls, Sabine and Laetitia, at Dutroux’s home when he went there to investigate after Dutroux had been arrested for the second time. He missed the letters that Sabine had hidden under the carpet. These misses of Michaux’s almost led to Dutroux being set free. Fortunately, Dutroux’s lackey Michel Lelievre started spilling the beans, and Dutroux, realizing that the game was up, ended up showing the authorities where the girls were hidden, and the two girls, Sabine and Laetitia, were set free.

These failures of Michaux led to strong criticism from the parents of murdered An Marechal, and the parents of murdered Melissa Russo. Melissa’s parents filed a complaint against him. Astonishingly, despite the gross incompetence he displayed in the investigations, Michaux was given a position as a local police commissioner”.

Dutroux’s long history of sexual abuse of women and girls