Overview of the Evidence


Overwhelming nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, engineering, seismological and geological evidence shows that tactical nukes were used to demolish the towers. In addition, there is unassailable medical and epidemiological evidence that a catastrophic event releasing radionuclides occurred at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001.

9/11 was America’s Hiroshima – thousands of cancers at the WTC

cnn 5,400 cancers-sml.jpg

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Summary of cancers in enrollees WTC Health Program (December, 2016)

– 5,105 workers out of 65,211 workers in program have cancer* (8% or 1 in 12 workers have cancer)
– 867 survivors with cancer out of 10,121 survivors in program have cancer (8.5%)
– 5,972 enrollees out of 75,732 total enrollees have cancer (8%)  CDC Dec 2016

The rate of increase in cancers in workers also supports that a nuclear event took place at the World Trade Center in the September 11 attacks:

Total cancer certificates (responders and bystanders)

  • In 2013: 1,100 (CNN)
  • In 2014: 2,500 (link)
  • In 2015 (February): 3,204  (CDC)
  • In 2016 (December): 5,105 (CDC)
  • In 2017 (June): 6,893 (CDC)

It is hard to believe that the demolitions of six buildings in a complex would produce such an explosion of cancers: about 5,000 workers and 900 survivors, almost 6,000 people altogether, in the WTC health program have cancer. This number is higher than the number of people killed in the WTC attacks on September 11 (3,000). It is believed that many of the 6,188 cancers in 5,972 members with cancer are linked to the WTC site and Fresh Kills landfill site (“Cancer Alley”) where the WTC debris and dust was moved to. Staten Island shows an 11% increase in cancers over the rest of the state. Staten Island residents have the shortest life expectancy out of the five boroughs of NYC. Staten Island is a breast and lung cancer hot spot.

The statistics from the WTC Health Program do not include the number of people who have already died of cancers linked to the WTC. It is estimated by this site that the number who have already died of a cancer related to the WTC September 11 attacks is over 1,000.

Cancer is a disease of the elderly. Such high rates of cancer prevalence seen in the health program are unusual in this mostly non-elderly population of people who worked at the WTC. Workers were exposed to the dust and debris at the WTC and Fresh Kills landfill in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Now, in 2017, 16 years later, the workers are in their 40s, 50s and 60s, and many of them have developed cancer.

There is evidence that fallout from the nuclear explosion is also affecting residents in eastern New Jersey. The research in this site does not examine the effects of (radioactive) fallout drifting over adjacent regions, causing cancer in these populations. If these people are included, the final cancer toll from the September 11 attacks could be much higher. Some cancers have long latency periods, and these cancers are expected to present in the future, which will increase the overall cancer toll.

The other characteristics of the people with cancer related to September 11 are the variety of cancers presenting and the unusual nature of some of the cancers that are showing up, including high frequencies of rare cancers, and the appearance of cancers in younger age groups that are usually only seen in the elderly (e.g. multiple myeloma). Some of the cancers that are showing up are behaving uncharacteristically. Mesothelioma, which usually takes at least 25 years after asbestos exposure to appear, has been seen in WTC workers as early as 3 years and 5 years after exposure. Radiation can cause mesotheliomas in less than 4 years after exposure, reported one study.

Childhood cancers have been added to the WTC cancer registry. People who were children at the time of the September 11 attacks and lived near the WTC and landfill site on Staten Island are being diagnosed with cancers many years later.

Demolitions of office towers are a normal event in cities of any industrial society. They are not known to cause spikes in cancer among demolition workers or people living or working near demolition sites. And what about the Fresh Kills landfill workers who were not exposed to the dust cloud that descended on lower Manhattan on September 11? These workers too are showing a troubling incidence of cancers.

Only a highly carcinogenic agent can produce such large increases in cancers and a similar profile of cancers. Cancers in 55 different regions of the body have been found in the exposed population. Cancers are occurring in almost every organ and system of the body, including rare cancers and cancers unusual for a certain demographic.

Radiation is one of the strongest carcinogens known to man. It can cause cancer in every part of the human body. It is well known that radioactive fallout is produced in a nuclear explosion and causes cancer spikes in exposed populations – see Hiroshima and Pacific atolls. Many different types of cancer have appeared in these groups. The cancer rate of the exposed population depends on the dose of radiation. A cumulative dose of 1,000 milliSieverts will produce excess cancers in 5 out of 100 people.

Other carcinogenic agents, such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHC), asbestos and silicates, do not produce such a wide spectrum of cancers; nor do they cause such a pronounced increase in cancers. The cancer profile of the exposed population does not match the cancer profile of these toxic agents. This is one reason why health authorities have not linked the cancers to the September 11 attacks. The inhalation of particulate toxins can be significantly reduced by wearing a face mask.

Radiation as a causative factor in the cancers has received only scant examination by health authorities on the basis that there is “no evidence” that radionuclides or radioactivity was present at the affected sites. However, as shown by the studies done on the dust and debris at the WTC by US government scientists, there is plenty of evidence that radionuclides, including those found in the decay chain of uranium, the primary element used in the manufacture of the explosive core of nuclear weapons, were present at the WTC site.

US health authorities have still not provided an adequate explanation for this spike in cancers in the exposed population. A cause of the cancer spike must exist. A proper forensic examination of all the evidence, including chemical, medical and physical evidence, shows clearly that radiation was present at the WTC site, as this website will demonstrate.

Many of the workers who died early of cancer were rescue personnel – “first responders”. These people went into the heart of where a nuclear explosion had just taken place, and they would have received the dose of radiation that was present at the hypocenter of a nuclear explosion at that time, which would have been extremely high, and before decontamination procedures could be started. These workers entered the site with no protection against radiation whatsoever. Only simple face masks were worn: these would have been adequate against most inhaled toxins but not against radiation. This is the equivalent of sending workers to clean up a nuclear reactor site that has just undergone a meltdown, without giving the workers any protection against the radiation.

The finding of radioactive elements, including uranium, tritium, strontium, barium, beryllium, cesium, niobium, thorium, cobalt, yttrium, and molybdenum, in significant amounts in the dust and coatings of WTC beams, confirms that radiation is the cause of this cancer spike. Radionuclides are a signature of nuclear explosions.

Other evidence is presented to show that nuclear explosions took place at the WTC on September 11, 2001.

Factors that support radiation as a cause of the cancer spike

– The prevalence rate of cancer is higher than normal
– The type of cancers that are appearing is atypical
– The rate in increase in the number of cancer cases is abnormally high
– Cancers that are rare are appearing in relatively high numbers
– Cancers that appear most commonly in certain age groups are occurring in much younger age groups
– The cancers are behaving unusually (e.g. mesothelioma usually appears 25 years or more after exposure to asbestos but is appearing much earlier in WTC workers)
– The cancers are aggressive in nature
– A wide spectrum of cancers is appearing — in every part of the body

More about cancer

*first primary cancer diagnosis


Vaporization of humans: 2 out of 5 people who died at the WTC vanished 

1,116 out of 2,750 people (40%) killed at the WTC have simply vanished. No body parts can be found.

The fact that the body parts of 1,116 people who died at the WTC can not be found as of 2013 indicates complete obliteration of the remains of many of these people. As of 2013, only 1,634 people out of 2,750 people (60%) who died at the World Trade Center in the September 11 terrorist attacks have been identified (Dailymail). One rescuer said he could not find anything bigger than a telephone dial pad among the rubble.

The phenomenon of vaporized humans was also seen in the Hiroshima nuclear event. Buttons, a pipe–these kinds of objects were the only evidence left behind of human beings, in some cases after the Hiroshima atomic bombing (link).

hiroshima humans shadow-sml.jpg

Human shadow etched on the steps of a bank in Hiroshima (link)

Fires were small – only two floors on fire

The fires in the buildings were small shortly before they fell. Fires were only seen on 2-3 floors in the three towers (WTC 1, 2 and 7) a few minutes before their collapses. This picture shows the state of the South Tower shortly before it fell. Unlike Windsor Tower on the right, only small fires are burning. You can see a small fire near the plane strike in the picture above. At the most, fires affected 4 floors of the South Tower. The smoke is black indicating the fire is being starved of oxygen. Firefighters were heard saying they could put out the fires on their floors with “two lines” (hoses) right before it fell.


The state of the South Tower shortly before it fell. 

This graphic reproduced from NIST shows the extent of the fires (in red) in the North Tower at the time of the tower’s fall, 10:28am. Fires were only present on the 92nd and 98th floors.


Graphic from NIST on the left: WTC 1

The extent and size of the fire at the time of the collapse does not match the level of destruction seen after the collapse.


Both the diagram and photograph are from National Institute of Science and Technology. 

Windsor Tower burned for 20 hours before the fire went out. It was still standing at the end. In contrast,  fire is seen only on two floors of the North Tower shortly before it starts to disintegrate. The government claims fires were the cause of the collapses of the three towers.


WTC1 on the left and Windsor Tower on the right. 

Torched cars

Cars were set alight a hundred meters away from the towers. Thermal energy of a nuclear explosion can scorch cars far from the hypocenter and set them alight.


On the left is an atomic bomb test. On the right are cars damaged by fire from the heat ray that came from the towers

The cars that are damaged by fire and are covered in dust in the picture on the left were in a car park that is 100 meters from the closest Twin Tower. The abundance of dust that blankets the parking lot and the cars is evidence that the cars were torched in situ.


The cars that are damaged by fire and are covered in dust

A blanket of dust sits over over the cars in the parking lot circled in red. Cars in the parking lot caught fire when the towers collapsed. The towers are on the left, about 100 meters away.  

Evidence of a fire ball – intense heat and vaporization

A fireball is produced during a nuclear explosion. It radiates thermal energy of high temperatures.


The temperature at the center of the fireball generated by an atomic bomb at the moment of detonation is more than 1 million degrees Celsius.

Flash from the nuclear fire ball


Wait 3 seconds in to see the nuclear glow. The screen floods with bright light. This is from the fireball. 

In a nuclear explosion, the fire ball produces energy in the form of light. The flash from a nuclear fire ball has been described as being “brighter than a thousand suns”. In the GIF above, made from a CNN News clip of the North Tower, the screen suddenly brightens a few seconds in. This is due to the intense light energy emitted by the fire ball that forms in a nuclear explosion.


North Tower from a CNN News clip. On the right, is the graphic representation of the double nuclear flash. The nuclear double flash is irrefutable evidence that a nuclear explosion has taken place. The explosion begins bright, but then dims before becoming bright again

Orangegif-sml        fireball-133x100.gif

Left: Flash of a nuclear explosion from a nuclear test. Right: fireball of Trinity nuclear test. 

Enough energy was generated to produce micron-sized particles

The energy produced by the fires and gravitational energy from the buildings’ fall does not match the energy required to produce 0.3 micron sized particles that were found after the attack. The total energy released from the collapse must match the peak energy produced, as measured by the sizes of the particles formed.

fig3-2-sml    fig2-1

iron-04-image_mod-sml iron-02-image_mod-1sml

gypsum-01-image_mod200 iron-03-image_mod-1sml

Radionuclides were found in WTC and Fresh Kills landfill 

Nuclear fission products involved in the radioactive decay chain of uranium were found at elevated levels in the dust and debris at Ground Zero and radiation was detected over Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island and radon was discovered at this site. Radionuclides are a signature of nuclear explosions.

Radionuclides: Uranium, tritium, strontium, thorium, cesium, barium, beryllium, cobalt, rubidium, yttrium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum, cadmium, antimony, bismuth, radon


Radionuclides found at WTC


Mining samples of radioactive rocks and other radioactive materials, that show the characteristic fluorescence property of radioactive substances, in a museum showcase. 

fission2 Zuni1_mod2.jpg fig19-bigger2

High levels of tritium found

Tritium, a radionuclide, a component of “heavy water”, which is used to make thermonuclear weapons, was found at above normal levels at the World Trade Center despite massive decontamination procedures, including pouring 20 million liters of water into the “Bath tub”, that seemed designed to remove evidence of the detonation of a nuclear device.

800px-gtls_mod2 nightsight_mod2 tritium-watch_mod2

Cancers first appeared 5 years after September 11 – latency period fits the timeline

Leukemia was one of the first cancers to appear after September 11 in WTC workers. A leukemia spike started to appear in 2006, five years after September 11. This period matches the latency period of leukemia. Since then 55+ different cancers have been found in responders and survivors, including rare cancers and cancers that are unusual in the age group concerned. Many cancer types usually only seen in the elderly are appearing in much younger people. Mesothelioma, which usually has a minimum latency period of 25 years  when it is caused by asbestos, appeared in two individuals after only several years. Two workers died of mesothelioma: one in 2004 and the other in 2006. WTC workers who have received a cancer diagnosis are increasing at the rate of 1200 per year (since 2013).

alpha_ana_modf.gif  fig4-1sml fig5-1sml  fig6-1-sml

800px-Alfa_beta_gamma_radiation_penetration_border (3)

5400 cancers september 11

A CNN news report in 2016 found that 5,400 WTC workers with cancer had enrolled in a federal health program for WTC workers. This figure does not include those who have already died of cancer or those with cancer who did not enrol.  

Cancer spike: 1 in 12 WTC workers have cancer as of 2016 (5,100+ responders and 1,000 bystanders have cancer) 

More than 5,000 workers have cancer (CDC). 55 different cancers, some rare and unusual in a certain age groups, have been found in WTC workers. 1000 enrollees in the health program have already died. 1,200 new cancer patients join the WTC program every year. Radiation is one of the strongest carcinogens known to man and can cause cancer in every organ of the body. Such a high prevalence of cancers in the workers is consistent with radiation exposure. Radioactive elements were found in the WTC dust and leachates of coatings of WTC girders. Radionuclides are a signature of a nuclear explosion. Eighty radiation hot spots were found in Staten Island and lower Manhattan in 2006. Locals call the locale of Fresh Kills “Cancer Alley”. The profile of cancers mimics Hiroshima. This cancer data is consistent with workers going to the heart of Ground Zero and breathing in radioactive dust and being bombarded with radioactive particles and rays.

Ordinary demolitions do not cause cancer elevations in demolition workers or to the people living and working in the surrounding areas. A face mask is sufficient to reduce the entry of most inhalational toxins in the atmosphere, so asbestos, PAHCs and other toxins can be ruled out as the cause of the cancer spike. Besides, these toxins do not cause such a wide range of different cancers to develop that are being diagnosed in this group.

multiple_mod2 biol_03_img0323sml (2).jpg

jesse-mccarthy010_mod2 john-walcott_mod2 leukemia_1_mod-sml

Cancer categories

These cancers were seen in WTC workers in 2006, 5 years after the September 11 attacks, when the cancers first started to appear. Cancers of longer latency periods appeared after 2006. Such a broad spectrum of cancers seen in the WTC workers would only be expected to be found in a radiological event, such as a nuclear bomb detonation. The ionizing radiation from radioactive isotopes that are found in the fallout of a nuclear explosion, that releases fission products, damages a wide range of cells in the human body.  As of December 2016, there are 55 categories of cancers, covering every part of the human body, that have been added to the cancer register for WTC workers who are eligible to receive benefits for their cancer.

cancers-seen-in-wtc-workers3 (1) copy

Table shows cancer categories

Demolitions and cancer

Demolitions of office towers or large structures like the arena below are common in cities of industrialized countries. However, none of them are associated with cancer spikes that involve thousands of demolition workers or people living or working nearby acquiring cancer. This GIF shows the demolition of New Haven Coliseum. Like the WTC one, this demolition released a large quantity of dust clouds, smoke and toxins into the air. The WTC event is linked to 6,000 cancers and the deaths of an unknown number of people who have already died from a cancer linked to the WTC.


New Haven Coliseum

Decontamination began early

Decontamination procedures were started early and seemed to be designed to contain radiation. In addition, steel from the WTC was tracked electronically as it was taken out of New York City and loaded onto ships headed for China where it was to be recycled.


Trucks bringing in clean dirt to replace the contaminated dirt


Radiation hot spots in Manhattan and Staten Island

80 radiation hot spots were discovered over Manhattan and Staten Island in 2006. The exact locations of all of the hot spots have not been identified by the GAO. Some people say the Staten Island location is Great Kills–an old piece of radiological equipment emitting radiation was found there according to the NYPD–however this has not been confirmed by the GAO. The number of hot spots found in Staten Island has not been stated.

gao-06-1015-figure1 (1).jpg

Graphic from the GAO report on radiation hot spots found by helicopter survey. Note the unknown radiation source.

Lack of objects found – “biggest piece of debris was a telephone dial pad”

There was a lack of sizable objects found; for example, only one filing cabinet was recovered. This indicates the “atomization” of matter.

Fires of tremendous intensity raged for weeks

Fires of tremendous temperatures were still present weeks after 9/11: boots melted.

Flash burns of cars

Some cars were only burned on one side. In nuclear explosions, there is a flash burn effect–only the side that faces the thermal ray is affected.

policecar2 (1).jpg

tattoo-dress-atomic-bomb2  test1955_tattoo-sml (2).jpg japan-shadow-small.jpg

Flash burns are an effect seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic explosions and atomic tests. The fabric print has been tattooed onto the skin and undergarment due to the flash burn effect. The shadow of a person is burned into the steps of a building in Hiroshima. 

Lava-like rivulets – intense heat for months

Hot lava-like rivulets were reported by clean-up and recovery workers: “like a foundry”.


Even two months later, molten steel was found.

Bomb crater-like hole

Presence of a crater in the “Bath tub” that resembles a blast crater left by an underground nuclear detonation.

combo25 (2)-crp.jpg

On the left, Huron King test chamber; the explosion yield was less than 20 kilotons. On the right, a hole in the “Bath tub” at Ground Zero.


Wide area of blast damage – pattern of overpressures match a nuclear explosion

The blast radius of damage was large, and many surrounding buildings were affected, even some that were not in the WTC complex.

This is WFC3. Location of WFC buildings in the map. They were across the street from WTC, about 50-100 meters away

Steel beam “flew” 150 meters and speared the World Financial Center 3 building – impossible in a gravity drop

streetmap_wfc_mdf-steel beam flew horizontally 150m wfc3.jpg

The steel beam from the WTC 1 flew across the street for a horizontal distance of 150 meters and ended up in the WFC 3 (World Financial Center 3) with enough force to impale it. This does not happen in a gravity drop. 

3942sml-1sml  impaled_three_world_financialclose-sml2

I-beams were flung across the street and were impaled into the WFC 3 tower. A horizontal force, not a gravitational one, threw these I-beams into the buildings that were 50-100 meters from the towers. 

Windows were shattered 150 meters away 

Glass in World Financial Center buildings was shattered by blast forces. 



“Great wind”

Many people described a great wind at the time of the collapses of the North and South Towers. This is due to the blast force of a nuclear explosion and the negative pressure created afterwards.


Metal debris

Metal debris show signs of intense heat. Such a high degree of thermal energy is only found in nuclear explosions.


Surge clouds at the base

Surge clouds at the base of the explosion are a feature of underground nuclear explosions.

Secondary explosion at the base of the towers

The volume of dust generated by the event

A thick layer of dust covered lower Manhattan.

Map that shows the dust coverage-color is beige. 

Dust blanketed the ground of FDR Drive, and coated the oranges in this lower Manhattan fruit stand

WTC 7 – the tower that was not hit by a plane

Even though WTC 7 was not hit by a plane and only had small fires on a couple of floors, the tower collapsed approx. 4 hours after catching fire.


wtc7-fires-sml  wtc7_rubble3

The fire in the WTC7 building was only present on two floors, as can be seen in this picture on the left. No plane hit WTC7. How did the WTC7 tower fall? 

Lack of human remains: mainly bone fragments found

“In September 2005 human remains were found on the roof.[4] In March 2006, construction workers who were removing toxic waste from the building before dismantling found more bone fragments and remains…Between April 7 and April 14, 2006, more than 700 human bone fragments were discovered in the ballast gravel on the roof.” (Wikipedia: Banker’s Trust Building)

Banker’s Trust Building

This part  above, mentioning human remains in the dust found at Ground Zero, was removed later from a government report on the dust. The uncensored report is here.


Some human remains likely turned into dust. Other sizable objects were also lacking in the debris. Steel spire atop the transmission tower vaporizes into dust in this GIF. 

Radiation-related illnesses

There was a high rate of illnesses among workers post-September 11, whose clinical features resemble radiation injury. 



The thermite theory – disproved

6 pounds of thermite could not smash a single brick in this video; however, some say thermite was used to destroy more than 500,000 metric tons of concrete per tower. If 6 pounds of thermite is inadequate to destroy one single brick, how much thermite would be needed to destroy it? How much thermite would be needed to destroy 500,000 metric tons of concrete? Thermite simply lacks explosive power. That is why it is not used extensively in the building demolitions industry. Thermite may have been used as an adjunctive explosive but was not the main device used on that day. Neither were beam weapons employed. Beam weapons do not cause a high rate of cancers and beam weapons were experimental in 2001.

Gelatin art students

“Gelatin” art students: Israeli art students were doing various projects at the WTC, including ones that involved construction work in the North Tower, in the months leading up to the World Trade Center attacks. The art group later changed its name to E-Team.


Pro-Israel Americans and other Zionist foreigners had control of operations of the WTC complex.


Lewis Eisenberg, Chairman of the Port Authority of NJ and NY at the time of the lease purchase, and now ambassador to Italy under the Trump administration; Australian billionaire Frank Lowy of Westfield shopping mall fame. 


Anthony Lauder of Estee Lauder cosmetics company; Larry Silverstein

President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference With Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

Israeli-linked moving companies

Israeli companies were linked to the attacks, including a moving company called Urban Moving Systems Incorporated.

Israeli Movers

Movers were found near sensitive government facilities, including military installations and nuclear power plants.


Driver’s license ring

A driver’s license ring that was headed by a Jerusalem-born man was discovered shortly after September 11. This ring had many links to September 11.

WTC entry pass given by plumbing company

Sakher Hammad, a member of the driver’s license ring that was headed by a Jerusalem-born man, was found to have a pass that permitted him to work in the WTC building six days before the attacks. The pass was given to him by Denko Mechanical. Sergei Davidenko was the proprietor of the now defunct plumbing company.

Israeli art students 

Israeli art students were present in many of the same places where the “Arab hijackers” such as Mohammed Atta were said to be living.

Scheduled power-down in tower the weekend before attacks

Power-down in the tower the weekend before the attacks.

Israeli control of all four 9/11 airports

Israeli links to the four Sept 11 airports

Radio remote control flying technology available 


The planes flew accurately into the Twin Towers and Pentagon building, something which would have been virtually impossible for amateur pilots to do.


However, if the plane is flown by remote control, such precise flying would be well within the realms of possibility.


Before the planes crashed into their targets, the hijackers left the now remotely steered plane by parachute.


The technology had been available to fly planes using radio control for many years. NASA was using Boeing passenger planes to simulate crashes as far back as the 1980s.

cid-small  cid-impact-sml

Boeing 720 plane flown by remote control performing an impact demonstration in 1984 (NASA).

A World War II mission actually used this method to carry out bombing of military installations. It was called Operation Aphrodite.

Operation Aphrodite

tv camera aphrodite-sml200x150   remotely steered-sml

Left: A television set acted as a sensor and transmitted images to a control station. Right: A controller is steering the plane by remote control. 

In this WWII operation, the planes were wired up to be flown by radio remote control. A television set transmitted images to ground control or to spotter planes. Bombs were loaded onto the planes. Pilots were needed for take-off. Pilots would later jettison out of the craft by parachute.

Escape was by parachute jump

Before bailing out, the pilots switched the flight controls over to radio remote control, and armed the bombs.


As the plane crashed into the target, explosives on the plane were detonated.

Operation Aphrodite  Youtube

Missiles and bombs were detonated by remote control with the use of drones

chopper10 uav-ground-first-sml

Videos taken of the Twin Towers show many helicopters flying around the Twin Towers before the towers fell. Every time a detonation occurred, a helicopter would appear. It’s highly likely these helicopters were drones.

They were not mentioned in the media. These drones were probably used to detonate the missiles on the planes and the bombs in the buildings, and to monitor the events.

helicopter-e-team_907-1-mdf250  b-thing_221b-1-sml250w

The Israeli art team “Gelatin” or “E-Team” (later name) did an art project called “The B-Thing” where they flew a helicopter close to the North Tower and filmed the team standing at the window of the 91st floor. 

The USS Liberty False Flag Attack and other Zionist false flag attacks

Israel has an extensive history of doing false flag attacks around the world. This site enumerates no less than 37 false flag attacks believed to have been done by Zionists and the Israeli state (Mossad) between 1918 to 2008. With regard to the US, Israel did the USS Liberty attack, which was probably done to get the USA involved in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, fighting on Israel’s side. The Lavon Affair, King David Hotel bombing and La Belle Disco bombing are among the false flags that Zionists acknowledge doing.


False flag: King David Hotel Bombing

Israelis did the King David Hotel false flag bombing in 1947. The victims of the bombing were mainly British citizens, and the bombing was made to look as if it had been done by Arabs. 93 were killed in the bomb blasts. Itzhak Shamir, who later became prime minister of Israel, was one of the false flag terrorists.

“Cold Blood” video – same modus operandi used by Israelis

VIDEO: In this false flag, Israeli Defense Force soldiers kill a Palestinian youth, after which they plant a bomb on his body to make him look like a suicide bomber.

Warning: NSFW (violence)

Gagging and censorship

The gagging of FBI agents and other investigators

“But investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Comverse is considered career suicide.”

Israeli electronic spying

Motive for the false flag

Israel had a motive for doing a false flag attack on the American people.


Vanunu2-sml  Dimona1-sml

Mordecai Vanunu who exposed Israel’s nuclear reactor Dimona to the world. It is believed that Dimona has made 200-500 nuclear weapons. 



Israeli hijackers hijacked the planes and sprayed an aerosol form of a nerve agent to knock out the passengers. They then switched the plane’s operation to remote control flight so they could be flown using SATLINKS. They then left the planes by parachute. Spotter drones monitored the planes’ flights to their destinations, and once reached, spotter helicopter drones were used to detonate the missile that was on the planes and the explosives in the buildings. Mossad companies had control of the four 9/11 airports. The Twin Towers were blown up by basement thermonuclear weapons. Conventional explosives were also used in the demolitions. Decontamination involving removal of dust and debris were started early in order to hide the evidence of the detonation of the nuclear weapons.

tactical nukes wtc grenfell3



facebook long-next false flag5.jpg

The timing of a bribery charge against Harry Reid may be of more interest than the charge itself. A leak that led to the charge being made against him may have been timed in such a way as to cause doubt about Reid’s own claims about Trump. Over the past year (2016), and also over the past several months, in 2017, it seems that revelations made through leaks have a timing that is convenient for a certain group of people.

In Harry Reid’s case, it is when he is leading the charge against Trump for having ties to Russia, which is accused of interfering in the US elections.

Could there be a case of an intelligence organization releasing leaks strategically in an effort to interfere in and manipulate the American political process?

It appears there is every reason to believe so.

Such an organization would have to have massive and deep control of the communications network of many nations, including control of networks that go into the heart of governments–even networks of foreign intelligence agencies. It seems that Israel’s Mossad has been engaged in gaining control of just that for the past fifty years, at least.

One of its early successes was gaining exclusive ownership of Inslaw’s PROMIS, a program that could be manipulated to spy on people (mailstar). PROMIS was a computer program that acted as a search program for finding information about an individual, taking advantage of the fact that in the modern era, the information of many people living in industrialized societies is connected to databases that are accessed via the internet. The hacks used to gain illegal access to this information could involve putting in back doors, Trojans, and other secret codes into computer programs. The dissemination of these enhanced programs through sales of these programs, including sales to governments worldwide, or through the contamination of hard drives, thumb drives, and downloads from the internet, could allow for the control of and access to the communications networks of many countries.

Mossad has a presence in many countries through its numerous alleged front companies such as Apco, Mossad Services and ICTS, as well as through other corporations that are linked to them:

  1. Airlines
    • Malaysia Airlines – Kuala Lumpur – Subang Airport
    • Singapore Airlines
    • Qantas/British Airways
  2. Design House & Construction
    • Aspacio Design Associates
    • FD Chapman
    • Valencia Design
    • Z+N Group
    • Logistics Construction
    • Crown Construction
  3. Education & Training
    • Temasek Polytechnic
    • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
    • Singapore Polytechnic
    • Pasir Ris Secondary School
    • Marketing Institute of Singapore
    • Singapore Workforce Development Agency – E2I
  4. Finance
    • GE Money
    • GE Commercial Finance
    • GE Real Estate
    • Indian Bank
    • SDL Leasing (S)
    • Fleming Family & Partners
    • Ferrier Hodgson
    • ABN Bank
    • Bank of China
    • Cap Gemini Ernest & Young (S)
    • Crosby Securities
    • Deustche Bank
    • Eureka Hedge Advisors
    • Green Dot Payment Services
    • Ganer International Singapore
    • Hing Lung Credit
    • Legacy Alliance
    • MUI Bank (Malaysia) – Kuala Lumpur
    • Mutual Interest
    • New York Bank
    • Peregrine Securities (S)
    • Tokai Bank – UOB Plaza 1
    • Towers Perrin Forster & Cosby Inc
    • Union of Switzerland
    • OCBC, Wearnes & Walden Management
    • The Consulting Partnership
    • ANZ Bank
    • John Hancock International (SEA)
    • Visa International
  5. Government & Statutory
    • Singapore Workforce Development Agency
    • Port of Singapore Authority (PSA)
    • CAAS – Terminal 1 & 2
    • Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
    • Ministry of Education
    • Ministry of National Development
    • NTUC Downtown East
    • PUB Building
    • Parliament House
    • Singapore General Hospital
    • Tan Tock Seng Hospital Redevelopment Project
    • Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Centre
  6. Healthcare
    • GE Healthcare
    • Pharmalink
    • Johnson & Johnson Vision Care
  7. Hotels / F&B
    • Merchant Court Hotel
    • Sedona Hotel – Myanmar
    • Shangri la Hotel
    • Brewerkz (S)
    • Indochina Wine Bar and Restaurant
    • Singa Inn Seafood Restaurant
    • Crown Prince Hotel
  8. IT & Communications
    • Compaq Computer (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
    • Consistel
    • Hewlett Packard
    • Intel Technology (Asia)
    • Lotus Development
    • Motorola
    • Novell Inc, Singapore
    • Nexwave
    • Asiatel
  1. Logistics
    • TNT Express Worldwide
    • Richland Logistics
    • DHL Asia Pacific
  2. Manufacturing & Production
    • GE Plastics
    • Sabic Innovative Plastics
    • Invensys Process Systems
    • British American Tobacco
    • Qualcomm
    • Husky Injection Moulding
    • Systems (Singapore)
    • G3 Spring Worldwide
    • GE Keppel Energy Services
    • Unilever (S)
    • Yokogawa Electric Asia
    • Pepsi Co.
    • Rothmans of Pall Mall
    • Seagate Technology
    • American Appliances (S)
    • Avex Electronics
    • Black & Decker Singapore
    • Conner Peripheral
    • Fullmark Manufacturing
    • Leeco Pte Ltd
    • Maxtor Peripherals (S)
    • Phillips (S)
    • Reemtsma International Far East
    • Transtech Electronics
  3. Retail
    • IKEA (IKANO)
    • Volkswagen
  4. Shipping & Petroleum
    • Vopak Terminals
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    • BP
  5. Telco & Hosting
    • AT&T Worldwide
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    • Keppel Digihub
    • Horizon Mobile Communications
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  6. Others
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    • American Club
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    • BHP International
    • ERC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
    • Fuji Xerox S.E.A
    • Airfoil Technology (S) Pte Ltd
    • Archive (S) Pte Ltd
    • DuPont
    • Lonza (S) Pte Ltd
    • Sensormatic Asia Pacific
    • Singapore Technologies Kinetics
    • TIBS Taxi Pte Ltd
    • Vantico Pte Ltd
    • VOTG Tanktainer Asia
    • Wilmar Trading
    • X’press Print
    • TRW System Inc
    • 3 Fusions (S)
    • BizTone.Com
    • BMC Media.Com
    • BuzzCity Pte Ltd
    • Dacon Networks
    • Cabletron Systems
    • Cellstar Pacific
    • CSA Holdings
    • Erich Venture
    • Fullmark Micro
    • GD Express Worldwide
    • General Signal International Corporation
    • Leader Mutual
    • Netsys Technologies
    • Pan West (S)
    • Prime Aerospace
    • Singapore Automotive Engineers
    • S-Net Freight (Holdings)
    • Space Asia Media
    • WAS (Asia)
    • Webvisions

Mossad Service company’s client list Link

The Mossad operation to control communication networks apparently grew in scope and ended up becoming so powerful that it was used to bring down the Soviet Union, a collapse that triggered glasnost and perestroika, according to Mossad insiders, including a former Mossad agent. The cyber spying operation was also allegedly used in drug operations that Mossad ran in Latin America, alongside the CIA and Reagan’s Contra group–operations that were also intimately connected to the Mena, Arkansas-based drug trafficking ring, which is itself linked to Bill Clinton, as well as was used in operations by Mossad, to attack and disable communist-socialist movements in that region. See “Gideon’s Spies” and “By Way of Deception” (mailstar).

Now the high-technology spying of Mossad, already revealed in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks (see Fox News’ Carl Cameron’s investigative report of AMDOCS and other Israel-linked companies engaged in spying on America through its control of America’s telecommunications network – link), has seemingly moved into the area of making strategic leaks for manipulation of public opinion and entrapment of targeted individuals and groups, in order to influence the political landscape of foreign nations.

Brendon O’Connell, an Australian who was arrested, jailed and persecuted, including having his constitutional rights such as his right to freedom of speech, infringed upon because of his information-gathering and publicizing activities that shed light on Mossad’s activities in Australia, has released the information he has accumulated about Israel’s infiltration of Australia’s communications and defense industries to the public (Brendon O’Connell’s blog). O’Connell claims that Israel’s domination of the “hi-tech industry” all over the world, including China, threatens the sovereignty of nations and leaves them open to subversion.

It can also leave them vulnerable to false flag attacks, including cyber attacks.

The leak of Hillary Clinton and Clinton campaign manager Peter Podesta’s emails are likely to be part of this strategy of Mossad’s to use information that has been gathered over the years, and is continuing to be gathered, through its reported domination of high-technology industries, especially communication industries, enabling the secret intelligence agency to illegally modify and hack into programs for the purposes of espionage, for political ends.

One such leak may have been the recent release of information that Michael Flynn had been involved in communications with Russian government members–allegations that led to his being suspected by many political pundits of being unduly influenced by personal and foreign interests, and that ultimately resulted in his decision to resign his position as National Security Advisor. The timing of the leak is of particular interest, as it was in Reid’s case. It happened at a time when Flynn sided with Turkey in a dispute the Turkish government was having with Turkish Kurds.

Leaks using information gathered in the manner outlined above can be used to remove people from office. If the information is available on hand, then an intelligence organization in possession of it can release it whenever such an action is advantageous to it. Also, the information could end up never being released, depending on the circumstances. The information, in other words, can be used as a tool of control and manipulation.

It appears that Mossad is effecting the leaking of such information through certain organizations that it has created specifically for the release of these “leaks”, as well as through organizations that it has made secret partnerships with. One such organization is likely to be Wikileaks.

Wikileak’s Julian Assange has said himself in the past that he does not release any information to the public without first running it by Israel. From that statement, it is likely he is hinting that a lot of the leaks are associated with Mossad. As to whether Assange is a Mossad operative, it is hard to determine with certainty. However, even if he is not an operative per se, it looks like he is being manipulated by them.

It could have been that his organization happened to wander into Mossad’ gaze accidentally in the early days of its operation. These days, there appears to be a growing phenomenon of people turning away from the mainstream media, and moving to alternative media. These people have come to become mistrustful of many mainstream news organizations, so an organization that purports to leak information that governments try to suppress, could be seen by many people as an organization that can be trusted to provide reliable information and is acting in the public’s interest. Such an organization would have been an attractive vehicle for this intelligence organization to use as its point of release for leaks.

Taking advantage of this growing mindset of the general population, it is possible that Mossad cultivated Wikileaks in order for it to function as a convenient arm to release its leaks through–leaks that are made to influence people in democratic countries, entrap opponents or individuals and groups that are causing obstructions for it, as well as wage a campaign of disinformation and propaganda.

The Pizzagate controversy is looking more and more like such a Mossad leaking operation. Through the website, WhatDoesItMean?, a probable Mossad front, it is highly probable that Mossad manipulated the public with a manufactured controversy. The manipulation probably involved Stratfor, a business intelligence company and another suspected Mossad front. Operatives in that organization could have inserted emails that cryptically made references to Pizzagate. The references in the emails, if they were part of a set up, were probably taking advantage of Podesta’s innocent fondness for pizza, as well as his brother’s hobby of collecting pornographic art, and the Democratic Party’s use of a pizza restaurant to hold fundraisers, to create a fake conspiracy about pizzas, pedophilia and the Democrats.

The reaction to this controversy of many mainstream media companies, including Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and The New York Times, that started to censor writings and videos made on this topic, actually probably fueled the conspiracy, making many members of the public suspect that the conspiracy had legs to it, and the “biased” media (except FOX, Breitbart and other conservative pro-Trump media companies) was covering it up.

The Vault 7 incident is likely to prove to be another such manipulation. This apparently involved a fake set up involving secret communications between Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank, whose owner Mikhail Fridman is reputed to be a member of Russia’s Jewish mafia, that was later found to be part of a computer spamming program.

This operation was probably carried out to show to the public that the Democrats were spying on the Republicans. The sophistication of this operation shows the hacking abilities of the group behind it. Such operations that set up the Democrats can only benefit ardent Zionists, especially ones in the Likud Party, and if they are indeed the people managing the leaks, the events of recent days can be seen to be part of an aggressive push to weaken the American people’s support, especially conservatives, for Democrats, through attacks on their credibility. Leaks, exposes and false flags seem to be the main instruments this faction has been using to accomplish this.

That such cyber wars seem to be able to be conducted nowadays points to the extent of control of the communications systems and networks in possession of Mossad, the top candidate for the leaking group and currently under the domination of the Likud faction. The leaks so far have benefitted the Likud Party’s favored candidate Trump.

The control of communications networks appears to extend beyond the USA–to many democratic countries in the West and Asia (Malaysia, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore), and to even communist nations such as China (Macau).

Currently in the news are allegations made by the US authorities that North Korea is involved in cyber intrusions of the New York Federal Reserve and has stolen $81 million from Bangladesh’s central bank. Other allegations made against North Korea include cyber attacks on 30 odd other financial institutions (using a group that calls itself Lazarus), and cyber attacks on Seoul’s subway systems. If these attacks are manufactured false flag attacks, intended to implicate an innocent party, one of the countries that would have the means to do such false flag attacks includes Israel.

There is every indication, taking into consideration the frequency of recent cyber attacks, that further similar false flag attacks will be carried out. So far the cyber attacks have not caused a major loss of life, except perhaps in the case of Fukushima (Jim Stone, Yoichi Shimatsu), another suspected cyber-related incident, one involving the Stuxnet virus.

However, this does not mean that future false flag attacks that involve cyber manipulation won’t result in the deaths and the maiming of large numbers of people. The deaths can then be used as the justification for launching attacks on the targeted nation.


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