Summary of the Attack


This is a brief outline of what happened on September 11.

  • Mossad impersonated al Qaeda members for months in Florida to set up a realistic-seeming narrative of Muslim fanatical hijackers plotting terrorism on an unsuspecting America. Israeli art students who were spies helped develop that fake scenario.
  • Silverstein set up the towers in preparation for the attack. He purchased the lease only months before the attack. He gave access to Mossad agents, including an art group, and Israeli front companies so that they could prepare the buildings with explosives, including putting thermonuclear bombs in the basements the Twin Towers.
  • Israeli agents lured real al Qaeda members to America by pretending to work for al Qaeda. Mossad ran passport rings in many countries and were also given German citizens’ passports by BND, the German secret service agency. Hence Hamburg was a favored location for the network to operate and organize for the attack. They got their Jewish members of their network, the Jewish “Mafia” or sayanim, to buy flight-training schools in Florida where the al Qaeda members were sent to train to be pilots, ostensibly for the September 11 hijacking mission.
  • Soon before the 9/11 attacks, Mossad murdered the al Qaeda members, except one member, Moussaoui, who was left alive so that it could be ‘proven’ that there was a link to the al Qaeda organization in America, who would be living proof that a Muslim organization existed, whose intent it was to hijack planes and fly them into landmarks.
  • The airports involved in the September 11 attacka were controlled by the Israelis. A sayan, owned a company, ICTS-Huntleigh, that serviced all four airports. A Shin Bet member sat on the board of this company. Israeli agents or Mossad operatives who were working for this company as insiders sneaked onto the Boeing planes and hid equipment on the plane that the Mossad hijackers would need and modified the plane’s computer flight controls so that they could be switched over to fly the plane by remote control. They disabled most of the security cameras in the airports leaving only a few that would record only grainy images of the hijackers, to hide the fact that the hijackers were fake Arabs.
  • The hijackers impersonated Arabs and showed false identification when they bought the plane tickets and boarded the plane.
  • After the hijackers had subdued the passengers and crew using the weapons that had been hidden on the plane by airport sayanim and Mossad agents, they set to work in the cockpit changing the software of the plane’s controls so that it could be flown pilotlessly after the hijackers had left the plane.
  • Before their departure from the plane, the hijackers sprayed a canister containing an aerosolized anesthetic drug (a nerve agent) into the main compartment of the plane, which incapacitated the people inside the plane and/or killed them. After this, the hijackers left the plane by parachute, unwitnessed and unreported by anyone on the plane.
  • The planes were flown pilotlessly, either by remote-control steering or by auto-pilot, to their eventual destinations, where they were crashed. Flight 93 was an aborted mission. It was supposed to crash into a building like the other planes but the hijackers on that flight decided that they had run out of time. Hence, Flight 93 was crashed into a field in rural Pennsylvania. NORAD had been alerted before the plane could reach its target.
  • Once the planes closed in on their destinations, assisted by spotter drone planes (UAVs) monitoring their flight, unmanned helicopters appeared near the targets, and from the signals from these drone helicopters, which in turn received signals from the ground via satellite, a missile was released from the planes that punched a hole into the tough exoskeleton of the towers and wing of the Pentagon building, allowing some of the plane to slip inside, and causing a fiery explosion that was supposed to leave an indelible impression on the minds of the people viewing. This was the visual sleight of hand to trick the public into thinking that the planes had caused the towers to collapse. The media showed over and over again the images of the plane crash and the towers collapsing. What most of the main networks didn’t show much of was the interim picture of the towers, when the fires had subsided by a great extent, and were only visible on several floors.
  • A Mossad company was involved in the decontamination of the WTC site.
  • Mossad operatives infiltrated the “truth movement” and set up alternative media companies and film-making groups and spread disinformation about the attacks, thus diverting attention away from the Israeli perpetrators.

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