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Problem with fire theory – Lack of fire

NIST says the main cause of the collapses of WTC1, 2 and 7 was high-temperature fires. However, these towers do not appear to have raging fires in them before they suddenly collapsed. WTC1 fell within 1 hour of being hit by a plane. Fires in WTC1 were in two floors at the time of the collapse. No flames shoot out of the windows.

Two towers – one on raging fire, the other one only minimal fire


Madrid’s Windsor Tower on the left and WTC1 on the right.

Comparison of North Tower and Madrid’s Windsor Tower

VIDEO: WTC1 and Madrid tower – moments before collapse Dailymotion

Only a small fire in the North Tower before collapse

VIDEO: WTC Tower 1 collapse from north (in SoHo) – enhanced  Dailymotion

The North Tower falls at 0:27 in this video.

Area of building on fire before it fell was small 

north tower 22 seconds before collapse.jpg

A still from the video above: North Tower 22 seconds before it fell. Only a small area of the building is on fire. Most of the building was not on fire. This picture shows the north-east face of the tower, the face that the plane hit. The outline of the hole made by the plane strike can be seen a little further up from the fire. Flames are barely visible and are only on a couple of floors. The initial fire that flared up when the plane made its impact seems to have mostly died out by this time in the video was reached.

Extent of fire in North Tower at 10:28am, time of fall


The North Tower fell at 10:28am. Diagram from NIST shows the extent of the fire at 10:28am, the time of the tower’s collapse. Fires are present on two floors: the 92nd and 98th floors.

GIF showing only small fire in North Tower before collapse


The north face of the North Tower at 10:28am. Before it collapses, fire is visible on only 1-2 floors.

Comparison of Windsor Tower and North Tower

VIDEO: Windsor Tower and North Tower Dailymotion

GIF made from the video


There is very little fire in WTC2 on the right before it collapses. On the other hand, there is obviously a lot of fire in the Windsor Tower before it starts collapsing. Only the top six floors of Windsor Tower collapsed, and mainly the masonry. The steel skeleton of the building was still intact at the end, including the top six floors, when the fire had burned out, almost 24 hours later.

Windsor Tower burned for almost 24 hours

VIDEO: The Windsor Tower in Madrid Spain Dailymotion

Pictures of the fire in the 32-story Windsor Tower

fire started 21 floor windsor tower.jpg  fire close up.jpg

Fire started at 11.00pm on the 21st floor. On the right, close up shot of the fire

blaze ravages its way to the roof.jpg  fire guts building.jpg

The fire ravages its way up to the roof.

3am-top six floors.jpg  top six floors collapsing.jpg

By 3am, 4 hours after the fire starts, the top six floors are completely gutted and start collapsing.

windsor-skyscraper-burns-crimbles.jpg  windsor tower hull.jpg

Top six floors crumble and the next morning a black hull is left