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The towers were destroyed with tactical nukes. Israeli Mossad commandos hijacked the planes and sprayed an anesthetic aerosol spray into the cabin to knock out the passengers. They then switched the plane’s operation to remote control flight so they could be flown using SATCOM and data links. They then left the planes by parachute. Spotter plane drones monitored and followed the planes’ flights to their destinations, and once close to the tower, a nuclear earth penetrator of very low yield was fired at the tower from the radome of the plane. The firing was triggered by a proximity fuze. The missile punched a hole in the wall, through which the plane slipped inside. Spotter helicopter drones were used to detonate the other explosives in and near the plane crash floors at this time. Mossad companies had control of the four September 11 airports. After one hour (South Tower) and 90 minutes (North Tower), the Twin Towers were blown up by basement nuclear bombs and conventional explosives. The most compelling evidence for the nuclear bombing of the Twin Towers is the cancer spike in WTC workers, and the presence of radioactive elements found at the WTC, including uranium, strontium, barium, thorium, tritium, cesium, niobium, and molybdenum. Elevated levels of radionuclides are a signature of nuclear explosions. Approximately 6,000 WTC workers and 1,000 bystanders have cancer as of June 2017 (CNNCDC). The number of people in this group with cancer is increasing by more than 1,000 every year. 1 in 10 workers in a WTC health program have cancer according to the data from Centers for Disease Control. The cancers are in every region of the body. Many of the cancers are rare, including childhood cancers, and they show unusual patterns, such as appearing at a much younger age than normal. Mesothelioma is occurring as early as 3 years after the event, which is never seen in asbestosis-induced mesothelioma but only seen in radiation-induced mesothelioma. Some people have more than one cancer. 1,180 people in the program have already died (as of 2016). The cancer statistics do not include those with cancer who did not enroll in the health program. The cancer profile of workers and survivors fits the profile of radiation-induced cancer, and is similar to the cancer profile of Hiroshima survivors. More WTC workers will die from cancer than the people who died on September 11, 2001 (3,000 people). Fresh Kills landfill where dust and debris was moved to is called “Cancer Alley” by locals. A radiation survey in 2005 found 80 radiation hot spots in Manhattan and Staten Island. The body parts of 2 out of 5 people (1,116 people) killed instantaneously at the WTC have not been found as of 2013, indicating their bodies were turned into small particles by the force of the explosion or vaporized by the heat of the fireball. The vanishing of humans was also seen in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Evidence is mounting that a nuclear event releasing massive amounts of radiation took place at the towers.


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Molybdenum and niobium were found in WTC dust and leachates (US Geological Survey). 5000 firefighters and police officers have cancer (CDC, Dec 2016).
I S R A E L • N U K E D • M A N H A T T A N • O N • 9 / 1 1 . USS Vinson is vulnerable. It was diverted to Singapore to be wired up with suitcase nuclear explosives. Singapore is a nation where the Mossad presence is strong. Now a floating bomb is sailing near the North Korean coast. The attack will be blamed on a North Korean submarine. Sniffer planes will detect radiation.




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